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        Display of some equipment and products
        Huaqian technology, with a variety of die-casting machines, low-pressure casting machines, centrifuges, gravity casting equipment, production of all kinds of precision aluminum alloy castings
        Motor end cover (die casting)
        End cap (die cast)
        Lampshade (die cast)
        渦 輪
        Upper box (low pressure casting)
        Turbine (cast from the heart)
        180 ton die casting machine
        500 ton die casting machine
        1650 ton die casting machine
        Low pressure casting machine
        熔 爐
        To gate hydraulic press
        Centrifugal casting equipment
        Alloy gravity casting core making machine
        About us
        Huaqian technology, focusing on aluminum alloy precision casting: die casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, gravity casting, with CNC machining center and heat treatment center
        Wuxi Huaqian Technology Co., Ltd

           CNC machining center
          Located in the scenic Taihu Lake, located in the Industrial Development Zone of Qianzhou Town, Huishan District. Covering an area of about 20000 square meters! Our factory is backed by abundant capital strength! Adopt domestic advanced die-casting machine, and have excellent professional and technical personnel and skilled operation technicians, professional for domestic and foreign merchants to produce precision aluminum alloy die-casting and related products. The weight of all kinds of aluminum alloy die castings is from tens of grams to tens of kilograms, which can be used in many industries such as automobile engineering machinery, engine, communication, tools, electronics, floor, mechanical parts, etc.

        In recent years, we have developed a series of low-pressure casting aluminum alloy products, introduced advanced low-pressure casting equipment, and increased the follow-up heat treatment equipment, which can completely improve the whole process production of low-pressure casting aluminum alloy products, and provide customers with high-quality low-pressure casting aluminum alloy products.

        We have alloy centrifugal casting production line, centrifugal casting generally dense structure, high quality. Centrifugal casting is a technology and method that liquid metal is injected into the high-speed rotating mold to fill the mold and form the casting under the action of centrifugal force. Centrifugal force makes the liquid metal fill the mold well in radial direction and form the free surface of the casting; cylindrical inner hole can be obtained without core; it is helpful to eliminate gas and inclusions in the liquid metal; it avoids the influence of gas impurities on the metal crystallization process, so as to improve the mechanical and physical properties of the casting.... ...

        Wuxi Huaqian Technology Co., Ltd

        TEL:86-510- 83399821 83399831


        Zip code:214181

        ADD:No.2 Yanyu Road, Qianzhou street, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
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